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It is always a moment of joy when a woman becomes a mother. A woman has two passes through different stages in the life of a girl to a woman, from a woman to a wife and finally a mother. Motherhood is always a special phase in a women’s life. She becomes much responsible and caring, but at the same time it brings along a lot of hardships. Things are somewhat easy when she has her husband's side by to share the responsibilities both monetarily and psychologically. But for a single mother it becomes very hard to take up the responsibilities of a child in education, medical and in other fields. Help for single mothers is a social duty for us.

Single mother needs to have a job to take on the responsibilities of her child. But without a proper education degree, a good job is far at bay. There are different organizations now that helps single mothers to bear with the college expenses. The government, NGO’s and even private organizations are arranging grants for single mothers. You can visit here in and give you donations. The grant by the government helps a single mother in getting the monetary benefits for books, food, lodging and other related things. A single mother with a hope to have a better future for themselves and their children are using the grants and are coming out with blooming colors to make their future secure.